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During the Great War, through the end of World War II, the blinded veteran’s only source ofincome was what they raised by standing on a street comer, white cane in hand, dark glasses covering their eyes, with a sign around their neck saying “Please help a blinded veteran”. In the other hand they held a tin cup filled with pencils with a sign asking for a donation.

When a veteran loses their vision, as with the loss of another body part, they go into a deep depression and sometimes never recover.
After World War II the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) was formed to help blinded veterans improve their lifestyle, and their quality of life.

Today, thanks to the BVA, blinded veterans can participate in sports, work in offices, run businesses and work with modem
technology equipment: But the purpose ofthe BVA is far from over. As the world changes, each and every day, the purpose ofthe BVA
is to help veterans adjust to those challenges. The BVA helps veterans by expanding and improving their commitment to blinded veterans of yesterday, today, and in the future.

The NJ BVA does this by talking to those blinded veterans, discover what activities they enjoyed BEFORE they lost their sight.
They then use this knowledge and donations made to the NJBVA to recreate those activities for the blinded veterans. Activities include sky diving, triathlons, target shooting, (rifles, hand guns. Bows & arrows), and all winter sports.

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